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The Team

Composed of creative, talented professionals with a shared passion for art. The Tentori Team is committed to redefining standards in the design-build market. Coordinated collaboration of expertise allows delivery of exceptional innovation.

Our company principles:


Beauty has varied throughout time,

but through each variation, it has aligned with passion.


Living spaces are personally tailored lifestyle creations that allow buyers satisfaction.


Tentori designs aim to blur the lines between both historical and innovative beauty with a single design that will last a lifetime.

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Focused on an unparalleled degree of excellence with a precise attention to detail that will withstand the test of time.


Our team ensures the space that we build will uphold the Tentori brand signature in aesthetics, attention to detail and innovative design.

Our ability to sustain a symbiotic partnership with leading brands allows a higher level of success in setting evolving trends.


Investment in innovation is the clearest path to customer driven growth.


Our commitment to use high-end elements in sync with our comprehensive understanding of the market allows for delivery of homes that exceed market expectations.


By combining the fundamental qualities of design and cost-efficiency without compromising quality, we’ve optimized value on all levels


Architecture, passion, trends and finesse are the elements that define Tentori Design.


With infinitely changing elements occurring on the housing market daily, Tentori is able to function in a way that allows our designs to withstand the endless changing landscape.

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