September 22, 2022

The weather may not feel like it, but Fall has officially arrived! Time to turn down the ac and get the pumpkins out!

For early Fall, I have started with lighter neutral tones and will add deeper colors as we head further into the season. It gives an excuse to change it up over the next two months and carry you all the way through Thanksgiving. If you think about it, Fall decor gets more display time than Christmas even! Which is a great explanation for the abundance of Fall decor collected over the years!


In this space, autumn leaves, acorns and stems fill the table to add warmth to the room. I love a beautiful tablescape and since we use the breakfast room 99 percent of the time anyway, Fall found its way in here as well!

paint | SW Alabaster

floors | The Masters Craft, Harroway

decor | link above

There is just something about the summer! This space got a mini facelift for some fun summer gatherings! The faux boxwood panels give such a lush look and the personalized Tentori Lounge sign just complete the vibe of this outdoor space!

Outdoor Living Design Tips


Anchor your space with an outdoor rug to create a warmer feel against the decking material.  My Texas House Rug Collection is a neutral favorite and are easily refreshed with a quick power wash.


Designing a pergola? Go big, bigger! There is plenty of space under this pergola for outdoor living furniture and room to walk around. The top has a clear protective panel to keep the rain out. Built in counters allow for a beverage station underneath.


Personalize your space! This particular area becomes the outdoor version of the kitchen island.  Everyone pulls up a chair and gathers with a drink in hand and music in the background.


Yes, it is hot out but a decorative throw blanket breaks up the furniture materials for a softer look. And pile on the pillows for extra comfort. Again, a neutral can be out year round.


Layer in additional seating that can easily moved around for conversation flow or the perfect sun angle.


The faux greenery panels completely change the previous feel and truly create a hotel like patio feel! The outdoor curtains are functional, yet dress up the pergola lines. The greenery panels link worked out to be the perfect size for between each fence panel. One 12 pack fit for each panel and were easy to cut where need to adjust sizing.


Lighting is always key, string lights give a warm glow to keep the pool party going into the evening!



July 16, 2021



March 20, 2021

It is officially Spring!  Even though most tackled more projects than usual last year, the list is never ending!  The pantry is an easy starting place because most of the contents are contained in the same category and do not trickle into another room.  Do you ever organize a space but then it just creates another mess somewhere else?! 

The least fun part is taking everything out, yes everything! Discard expired or questionable items and set up categories. Look at the bones of the space, can the shelving be rearranged, extended or even sometimes removing helps make a space more functional.  Now for the real fun, containers!! Sometimes it takes more than one trip to the store to find the perfect size and you always end of needing more than you thought! Be realistic in choosing containers to set yourself up for easy maintenance. Yes, clear air tight containers look great, but if you know you will not unpackage items consistently then larger baskets or trays are a better option. Consider large deep baskets on the floors  or top shelves for the more season items, or back stock of bulk purchases.


The final touches are what make a space inviting. Yes, it is just a pantry but making functional spaces beautiful will be the motivation to keep the space organized all year long! In this space, the cutting boards and cookbooks serve as decor.  And the Show Stopper is the woven light fixture that is visible from the kitchen thanks to a full glass door. 



January 12, 2021

Still tempted to update the home office?  As home work life is still evolving, there is still time for a space that keeps you motivated! And what better time than January for a fresh new look to go along with your goal setting!


If you are creating a new space or just carving out the perfect corner, here are some items to consider for creating a productive environment:


Natural Light- the corner office with a view at home too

Fresh Flowers- bring the outside in even if just greenery clippings in a vase or two

Builtins- this floating unit gives a modern feel, maximize vertical space when able

Dark Accents- not ready to go all in, this Iron Ore painted unit gives the best of both worlds 

Comfort- no need for an industrial looking chair at home

Neutrals- layer in natural accents and soft tones for a tranquil space

Cozy Corner- if space permits, add a cozy reading nook

Paint: Sherwin Williams Pure White and Iron Ore


The most important thing is to make your home office “work” for you depending on the needs of your daily routine in the space.  


With so many inspiration photos of beautifully decorated Christmas trees, the hardest part is deciding on a theme! 


For this look, it all started from the top with a wood carved star from Studio McGee but then what from there? After stumbling on the adorable faux ski boots, everything else in the shopping cart was returned to the shelves, and the theme fell into place! Flocking, faux fur, ski boots, bells, wooden skis, glitter and sparkle, she got it all, and we named her ASPEN!




  • Always remember to put your tree basket or collar as you put up the base. Trust us, trying to pick up a fully decorated tree never ends well! If using a basket, line with cardboard for a more even surface.


  • Do not pass on the fluffing! Avoid those gaps by spreading the branches out as much as possible.


  • Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon- easier then you think-  Depending on the height of the tree, use a combination of single long strands (about 5 feet) and shorter cut pieces (about a foot each). Start from the top with the longer stands and stagger down.  Then fill in gaps or rotate color combinations with the short cut pieces. Wired or textured ribbon work best and just tuck the ends in far enough toward the center not to see the edges.


  • Sprinkle in some garland.  Concentrate on the focal areas so it does not get lost in the mix.


  • Ornaments- go oversized- the tree can hold more than you think and some statement pieces will give it a pop.  For this tree, oversized sets of ski boots, hanging bells, and knit white ornament balls, all play off each other and are substantial enough not to compete. 


  • Stems- another great filler that adds depth, texture and color- place sporadically throughout from top to bottom


  • The final touch, a beautifully wooden carved star that started it all!





Most items are linked to shop directly. For the items that were unable to link, see source information below:






Star- Click SHOP OUR POST above 

An elegant, timeless piece


Faux set of ski boots- Hobby Lobby 

Worth the spurge to carry out the theme

Oversized ski ornaments- Balsam Hill

Oversized and packed with detail 


Garland- Click SHOP OUR POST above

Worth the splurge and can be used all year long, draped over a decorative bowl or alone.







Tree- Click SHOP OUR POST above for this exact tree

Great option at under $200 for a 7.5 foot prelit flocked tree.


Basket- Click SHOP OUR POST above for similar styles, just make sure to measure your actual tree stand to see what the best fit will be. 

Tip- look around your house, you might have one already that is large enough. Add cardboard to the bottom for a sturdier surface.


Ribbon- (Grey)-  found in holiday section at Walmart, in store only. (White)- At Home, in store only.

For this 7.5 foot tree, two spools of grey and one spool of white were used. 

Unless you are splurging on a jeweled decorative roll, there are two many great options that will fit in to almost any color scheme to break the bank


Stems- (Sparkle eucalyptus)- Dollar Store, (Round glitter)- Hobby Lobby, (White berries)- Hobby Lobby

Try your local dollar store to save on these pieces. For quanties, around of 5-7 of each depending on tree size


Pinecones- Great DIY pieces to add in a low cost filler. 

These were hand picked and spray painted with white texture paint to give a flocked look. 

You can also add them natural or paint the ends with glue and sprinkle with glitter.


White fabric balls- Hobby Lobby 

Also, consider the large plastic sets of your base theme color. Another great way to fill in and then just add a few specialty items in focal areas


Matte grey ornaments- Click SHOP OUR POST above


Faux fur reindeer ornaments- Walmart, in store only

Adorable and under $2



November 6, 2020



October 23, 2020


Most likely your backyard saw you this year more than ever and creating an outdoor living space lets you enjoy your home beyond just the four walls! From an apartment balcony to acreage living, the ideas are endless for a true staycation!


If you are starting from scratch or updating your current look, the first step is to map out your desired uses.  What is important for you and your family will determine which areas get prime real estate.


The WISH List:

Lounge area

Covered dining

Play area

Pet park

Summer kitchen

Fire pit



Things to consider: What will your view be from inside? If your living room overlooks the backyard, centering your furniture outside will give a balanced look inside as well. Which areas will need cover?  Do you have space for a pergola? A pergola can add additional “rooms” for a lounge or dining area. A great way to define a space is with an outdoor rug. Add one to each designated area to give a warmer feel and the best part is most you can power wash clean! Outdoor furniture and accessories also make the space feel more inviting.  Add throws and pillows for a lush, relaxing vibe! Lanterns are also always a great look on the patio and layer in greenery (real or faux, depending on your watering skills) to incorporate your garden.


Design tip: add clear panels to the pergola roof to protect your furniture and keep you dry!  


Like with any project, it does not have to be overwhelming and completed all at once.  Even rearranging current outdoor furniture to change it up, can give you a fresh new look! Decorating for the season is also another way to add to your existing space. BRING ON the fall pumpkin patch and winter wonderland! And do not forget the importance of lighting for the perfect ambiance! Think string lights, chandeliers, uplighting and lanterns scattered throughout your space for the ideal evening out!


Even if you don’t own a single pot in the kitchen, a luxurious fall table scape has Entertainer of the Year written all over it!  Depending on your home, most dining rooms are just collecting dust, so why not pull out the china and give your table a decor makeover!  The key to table scapes is all about the LAYERS.  The layers provide texture, height and color to achieve the desired theme.  It is the one time that more is less, does not apply! 


Start with the center and work your way out. Layer one, a table runner (or even two).  For this table a sheer gauze runner drapes over the entire length and then some.  Want an even more dramatic effect? Go longer, cascading to the floor.   You can even add an additional shorter runner on top of the first one if desired.  


Next, the centerpiece. This is going to be your tallest point, most likely a vase or two dispersed evenly.  Add fresh or faux flowers in your color palette to soften the feel. Now work to the ends from the centerpiece.  This is where you can add some fun!  It seems a little overkill, but as long as you stay with similar seasonal pieces or monotone, everything will work together in harmony. The flowers, leaf garland, berries, pumpkins, and candle holders here are all in muted fall tones that compliment each other.


Lastly, time for the actual place settings, which are layered of course! Charger, plate or two and a decorative fall accent complete the look!  Style tip: Crisp white plates, usually work best to balance out the variety of elements. All that is left, is to plan a dinner party or just have a beautiful table to stare at, either way, you will have a whole new view of your dining room! 

October 7, 2020



September 24, 2020




There is nothing more welcoming than a beautifully decorated Fall porch! You can feel the warmth in the colors as you enter.  Layers of flowers, lanterns, pumpkins, pillows and throws complete the look!  The key to seasonal porch decor not breaking the bank is to invest in the basics for all year long.  This way you will have a starting point of what to add for each holiday or season. THINK LITTLE BLACK DRESS! On this porch the planters, rugs and bench are out year round.  For Fall, we have added a harvest wreath to the door and a hello fall decal. Then flanked the door with two tall dried cornstalks from the local nursery, changed out the planters to fresh mums and filled the lanterns with white faux pumpkins. On the opposite side, simply added a warm throw to match the mums draped over the bench with a crisp white outdoor pillow that can be reused throughout the year. The non guilt part of fall decor is that you get a solid two months of display time!

Where to start? Plan your layout according to the size of your porch.  Narrow porch? Think about going up instead of out.  Fall garland to frame out the front door would be a good option. Even more space? Add conversational furniture and a table for your morning coffee. Then layer with more throws, pillows and pumpkins in a consistent theme.  From DIY decor to a full on pumpkin patch at your doorstep, the options are endless!