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September 22, 2022

The weather may not feel like it, but Fall has officially arrived! Time to turn down the ac and get the pumpkins out!

For early Fall, I have started with lighter neutral tones and will add deeper colors as we head further into the season. It gives an excuse to change it up over the next two months and carry you all the way through Thanksgiving. If you think about it, Fall decor gets more display time than Christmas even! Which is a great explanation for the abundance of Fall decor collected over the years!


In this space, autumn leaves, acorns and stems fill the table to add warmth to the room. I love a beautiful tablescape and since we use the breakfast room 99 percent of the time anyway, Fall found its way in here as well!

paint | SW Alabaster

floors | The Masters Craft, Harroway

decor | link above

There is just something about the summer! This space got a mini facelift for some fun summer gatherings! The faux boxwood panels give such a lush look and the personalized Tentori Lounge sign just complete the vibe of this outdoor space!

Outdoor Living Design Tips


Anchor your space with an outdoor rug to create a warmer feel against the decking material.  My Texas House Rug Collection is a neutral favorite and are easily refreshed with a quick power wash.


Designing a pergola? Go big, bigger! There is plenty of space under this pergola for outdoor living furniture and room to walk around. The top has a clear protective panel to keep the rain out. Built in counters allow for a beverage station underneath.


Personalize your space! This particular area becomes the outdoor version of the kitchen island.  Everyone pulls up a chair and gathers with a drink in hand and music in the background.


Yes, it is hot out but a decorative throw blanket breaks up the furniture materials for a softer look. And pile on the pillows for extra comfort. Again, a neutral can be out year round.


Layer in additional seating that can easily moved around for conversation flow or the perfect sun angle.


The faux greenery panels completely change the previous feel and truly create a hotel like patio feel! The outdoor curtains are functional, yet dress up the pergola lines. The greenery panels link worked out to be the perfect size for between each fence panel. One 12 pack fit for each panel and were easy to cut where need to adjust sizing.


Lighting is always key, string lights give a warm glow to keep the pool party going into the evening!



July 16, 2021



March 20, 2021

It is officially Spring!  Even though most tackled more projects than usual last year, the list is never ending!  The pantry is an easy starting place because most of the contents are contained in the same category and do not trickle into another room.  Do you ever organize a space but then it just creates another mess somewhere else?! 

The least fun part is taking everything out, yes everything! Discard expired or questionable items and set up categories. Look at the bones of the space, can the shelving be rearranged, extended or even sometimes removing helps make a space more functional.  Now for the real fun, containers!! Sometimes it takes more than one trip to the store to find the perfect size and you always end of needing more than you thought! Be realistic in choosing containers to set yourself up for easy maintenance. Yes, clear air tight containers look great, but if you know you will not unpackage items consistently then larger baskets or trays are a better option. Consider large deep baskets on the floors  or top shelves for the more season items, or back stock of bulk purchases.


The final touches are what make a space inviting. Yes, it is just a pantry but making functional spaces beautiful will be the motivation to keep the space organized all year long! In this space, the cutting boards and cookbooks serve as decor.  And the Show Stopper is the woven light fixture that is visible from the kitchen thanks to a full glass door. 



January 12, 2021